John and Vickie’s story

At a time when I was no longer able to work and there were problems with our home that were expensive to fix LINC stepped in and were able to help. By giving us some financial help we were able to make some repairs to our home, that with the type of cancer I have, made things so much safer and improved life for all our family. For my wife and children knowing that the help was there, and having the added stress removed by funding these repairs, made life for us all, much easier. LINC are doing an amazing job of helping and supporting us and others in whatever way they can in this extremely difficult time. We cannot thank them enough.

John and Vickie

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Ryno Glas

Ryno was diagnosed with AML and ALL leukaemia which is very rare – he is only one in only 3 in the country to have his type of leukaemia.

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Ethel Boughton

The treatment that Ethel received over many years improved her quality of life and prolonged her time with her family.

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Anna’s Story

Anna was the mother of a new baby when she developed leukaemia.

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Emma’s Story

Emma was only 19 when diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia. Read about Emma’s journey through her treatment.

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