The Robert Dalton Leukaemia Research Fellow

LINC was founded in 1998 and was the brainchild of Dr Robert Dalton who was a Consultant Haematologist at Cheltenham General Hospital. Ably assisted by his colleague Dr Gillian Rouse, the charity has grown to be one of the most important local cancer charities. Very sadly, Dr Dalton died in 2003 and the Leukaemia Research post was set up in his name. It is for a post graduate PhD student studying in the field of leukaemia or lymphoma. Dr Dalton always felt that having a research arm was very important in attracting good consultants to the department.

The research department is based in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and the student’s work is over seen by Prof Nick Stone. Originally under the banner of Cranwell University Prof Stone has now moved to Exeter University so our students get an Exeter degree. Leanne was our third student and completed her PhD at the end of 2016.

LINC is currently funding a research nurse who helps our patients be considered for clinical trials.

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This charity has motivated me as a researcher and their dedication to improving the lives of people affected by cancer

Dr Rosie Dalton with Leanne Fullwood

The Robert Dalton fellowship has enabled me to be part of a dedicated research team and carry out a study that investigates vibrational spectroscopy as a clinical tool for identifying lymphoma and metastatic cancers in lymph nodes. I am so grateful to be part of such a great charity for an essential cause that has funded many projects, in order to help research in the field of blood cancer to progress. This charity has motivated me as a researcher and their dedication to improving the lives of people affected by cancer has made me enthusiastic to continue research that has clinical applications, in order to one day benefit and improve the prognosis of patients.