Upgrading the shower rooms will be a huge improvement to patient care.

Wet Room Appeal

Imagine being enclosed in the same small room for a minimum of 10 weeks and possibly for 6 months. Attached to your room is an en suite shower room that was installed when the ward was built in 1998. It is old fashioned and the shower doors are very narrow. If the patient needs nursing help then this is virtually impossible.

LINC would like to upgrade the eight shower rooms on Rendcomb Ward side rooms to create walk in wet rooms. This would be a huge benefit to our severely ill patients enabling them to be wheeled into the room, seated on a chair and have access to nursing care.

We estimate that each room will cost £8000 – £10,000. Each one will take a minimum of a week to do including the repainting the side rooms. Whilst each room is empty LINC will take the opportunity to replace the flooring.

You may wonder why this is not funded by the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The answer is that the Trust will provide the ‘basics’ but not the ‘luxury’ version. Because of the complexity of doing building work within a hospital we have to have an architect to draw up plans for each room. The architects Roberts Limbrick were appointed in June 2016 and we look forward to seeing the designs.

We are very grateful to The Summerfield Trust for their generous donation of £20,000.

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Too weak to shower without help, I could only look forward to a wash as I was unable to access the shower cubicle

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