Registered Charity Number 1078183

Our Vision and Values

LINC’s remit is to improve the care of cancer patients receiving intensive treatment within Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The Leukaemia & Intensive Chemotherapy Fund is a local cancer support charity that works to improve the care of patients who are receiving treatment within Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. From financial grants to sky TV we provide whatever is needed to make the long hospital stay more bearable.

Our LINC clinical psychology team provides help to patients and their families – this support may go on for some time after the patient has left hospital – helping them to readjust to the outside world.

LINC is there to help from the time of diagnosis, throughout treatment and for as long as required.

In 2016 our main emphasis is on upgrading the en-suite showers on Rendcomb Ward side rooms. We have also been asked to fund a clinical research nurse. Many of our patients are entered in clinical trials. This happens throughout the country- the results being collated at a central point so the clinicians can assess how effective the treatment has been and what dose of chemotherapy is most effective.

There will always be a need for something to help patients through their treatment – either new equipment or replacing existing items purchased by LINC. We are already committed to funding 2 clinical psychologists and their secretarial time plus our PhD research fellow.

These recurring expenses mean that the charity has to raise £100K per year for these salaries before we can do anything else. If we agree to fund a full time research nurse this sum will increase.

Your support is very important to us and to our patients. Without your help we would not be able to continue to provide this level of patient care.

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Our first clinical psychologist funded by LINC (Nicky Dobbin) started in August.


New wall mounted flat screen televisions for Rendcomb Ward side rooms and the day room.

In February LINC launched an appeal to raise £260,000 to refurbish and extend the Edward Jenner Unit at Gloucester Royal.


New toaster for Rendcomb Ward side rooms New fridges of the EJU.

Work started on the Edward Jenner unit in August and was completed by middle of November.


April – Official Opening of the Refurbished Edward Jenner Unit at Gloucester

November – saw the launch of the Make a Difference Campaign to raise £150K for a second clinical psychologist guaranteeing her salary for 5 years.

Purchase of new reclining chairs for the EJU with assisted lift Purchase of 8 reclining chairs for each side room on Rendcomb Ward Purchase of new sofa bed for the day unit on Rendcomb Ward side rooms Wi fi installed on Rendcomb Ward side rooms. Bladder scanner purchased for Rendcomb Ward side rooms (£6,075.00).


Sky Television was installed on each of the 8 side rooms and the day room on Rendcomb Ward side rooms New dinamap patient monitoring machines purchased for both the side rooms and the Edward Jenner Unit (£2,000 each).

The second clinical psychologist, Rachael Edge, commenced work in October New gym equipment was purchased for Rendcomb Ward side rooms including a new state of the art exercise bike. (£2,500.00).


Campaign to upgrade the shower units on Rendcomb Ward side rooms. LINC will need to raise a minimum of £120K for this work to be done. New Smart TVs were purchased for each of the side rooms.

Our next major project is to upgrade the 8 ensuite rooms on Rendcomb Ward to create walk in showers that will accommodate a wheelchair. This will be a huge benefit to our severely ill patients. We need to raise £120K and any support you can give will be greatly appreciated.